About ARI Graphix

ARI Graphix has been in Albuquerque, NM since the 1950′s. Originally, it was called Albuquerque Blueprint which then evolved into Albuquerque Reprographics. The new name of ARI Graphix shows the continued evolution of the services offered in our industry.

Even though we have changed from only running construction documents as blueprints to offering all types of graphic signage and printing, we still continue to offer the great customer service that our customers have been used to receiving for the past 60 years.

So whether your needs are construction document management, trade show signage, or outdoor signage give ARI Graphix a call today.

Green Tomorrow

Since ARI Graphix opened its doors, we have continuously maintained a focus on recycling, low power use, fuel efficiency, and reduced waste. We focus on these elements not because it’s popular or in demand, but because it’s the right thing to do.

At ARI Graphix we help protect the environment by:

  • Recycling our paper and cardboard products
  • Using biodegradable toners
  • Offering recycled paper as an option to clients
  • Emphasizing quality and accuracy to reduce rework and waste
  • Our use of digital technology for storing and viewing documents reduces the amount of copying required to share documents with everyone involved in construction projects.

Together with our customers and suppliers, ARI Graphix is committed to promoting green building and development practices to support growth while maintaining high environmental standards. We all want to do the right thing for our industry and our world.